Corporate Social Responsibility



"Companies that embrace 'purpose & profit' consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility is about using business as a force for good, CSR isn't philanthropy or product compliance. While those things might contribute to an overall approach, if all a company is doing is ensuring they meet regulations and give a portion of their profits away, I'd say they're a long way from being a good corporate citizen. 

10 years ago you would have your regular products here… and you had your green products over here. (And that's how we looked at it, these are organic cotton or recycled polyester) But now in this day and age, people are looking for sustainability across the board. How we use energy how we use water, how we can reduce that in our entire supply chain.

Buyers are becoming soo much more sophisticated, they have so much more access to information, they are asking harder questions, they're expecting answers. They're seeing retail brands kind've open the kimono and be more transparent.


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