ABOUT Black Zebra Marketing

Founded in 2018 in Harlem, New York. Black Zebra Marketing is a company designed to turn marketing ideas into fun, tangible experiences through promotional products.We bring ideas to life by creating memorable custom products and personalized brand experiences people love. 


COMPANY SWAG (Branded Promotional Products)

What is it? Anything and everything with a logo used to promote a brand. We have access to infinite options. Rely on us to find you cool stuff that will represent your brand in the best way possible. We believe in the power of Swag, lol (branded merchandise); it's the catalyst behind what makes your brand the one that consumers return to again and again. At Black Zebra, we create products that become a meaningful connection between your brand and your message, fans, employees, and consumers. 



Unfortunately or fortunately clothing is not optional, so why not make it cool? From the feel, the make, the cut, the decoration we know how to get you into cool stuff. We create role-specific apparel collections that project a unified brand image. We design, execute and fulfill uniform programs that incorporate the critical aspects of the brand, the work environment, style and performance, while ensuring timeliness, reliability and cost effectiveness



Create a one-of-a-kind branded shop. Here your customers and employees can have ready-access to your company's logo'd items. We'll be with you every step of the way; from shop conception to site building to managing orders to adding new items. We'll provide a turnkey solution to help monetize your brand.



We analyze the event demographics and develop the best product ideas to connect your brand to the targeted consumer. We help you ensure the right message is connecting with the right consumers. From festivals to trade shows to corporate events to pop up shops, we'll curate the best promotional items to aid your events.

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